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I'm Jenny Dinh


Part-Time Hollistic Nutritionist
Former Early Childhood Educator

I am Front-End Web Developer based in Toronto, originally from Vancouver. I am seeking my first role as a Junior Developer hoping to dabble with UX Design as well.

When I am not coding, you can find me exploring the 🌎 and looking for the next best 🍣 joint!

Me on a bike in Japan Mount Fuji

About Me

Front-End Web Developer
  • Languages : English & Vietnamese

  • City : Toronto, Ontario

  • Hobbies : Travelling the World & trying new food

  • Favorite Foods : Sushi & Phở

  • Favorite Drinks : Kombucha & Wine

My Toolkit

My Projects


Javascript | JQuery | SASS | HTML5 | Responsive Design

Use my app to have a fun, healthy and active workout! Create your own Workout Playlist and see if you can complete the amount of reps you've chosen in 5 minutes.

gif - demonstrating project 3

Travel Escape

Paired Programming | REST APIs | Javascript | JQuery | SASS | HTML5 | Responsive Design

Think you know a lot about Geography? Try to escape this trivia game. Choose a difficulty level and answer 10 quetions correctly! Don't worry, you get some help along the way. If you answer them correctly, there may be a small prize at the end of the game 😉

In collaboration with Eyel Mordido

gif - demonstrating project 4

Travel Memories

Google API | Javascript | React | Firebase | SASS | HTML5 | Responsive Design

Finally your own Travel Diary! Sign up for this application and plot where you've travelled to on a map. Write a few notes about that destination you've been to and forever keep it in your memories.

gif - demonstrating project 5

Foot Forward

HTML | CSS | PSD Conversion | Responsive Design

A simple one page PSD conversion that is fully responsive!

gif - demonstrating project 1

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